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Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing

With more than 900 millions users on Facebook, It can be regarded as the biggest social media channel to boost sales and bringing buyers to the company. With each crossing day, Facebook is converting into influential in making the brand reach to its buyers with the highest velocity and growth rate. Nextgen Global Services Pvt Ltd is the prominent name in the market proffering the Facebook marketing strategy with customized packages availability.

The Process Of Facebook Marketing Involves-

  • Set Up Your Page
  • Get Likes
  • Post Content
  • Create a Strategy
  • Track Results
  • Advertise

With the purpose of conversion, Facebook marketing is maturing swiftly among labels nowadays. The advantages of Facebook marketing could be numerous like conversion, leads, website traffic, page likes, and brand awareness.

Generate Traffic

Facebook social media has a maximum number of buyers that can drive sales and brand awareness. With traffic propagation sole objective, we generate a campaign that can drive more leads with the Facebook post and redirect the business to the website.

Generate Leads

After the traffic generation, Facebook can be a very influential medium to generate leads. Brands can opt for customized campaigns to boost the leads and bring sales to the business. With the conventional updates on the offers/ discounts and call for action content, many can get facebook leads easily without spending much.

Drive Sales

With sales, sign-ups, lead generations, and Facebook paid campaigns, the brands can win many sales. The conversion rates boost up. We have the best Facebook campaigns that offer electric conversion rates bringing more sales and revenue to the business.

Get App Installs

With online advertisements, leads, and sales, the next important thing that every brand wants to boost the app installation increase. With NextGen Global services Pvt Ltd, our Facebook campaign increases the app installation number too.

Boost Engagement

Engagement with buyers around the world is very important to formulate brand awareness. With facebook campaigns, Nextgen helps the brand to have direct engagement with the public with the help of likes, comments, reviews. This the best and fast mechanism to build an online presence and interlace with prospective buyers around the world.


When any brand approaches Nextgen Global Services Pvt Ltd for the Facebook marketing services, the following services are offered to the brand-


We have professional graphic designers in my page that work very hard in order to offer an appealing appearance to the brand page. With a professional approach, our graphic designers create a page in the most optimized manner so that t can be best for posting creatives and content to reach maximum customer base and fetch sales conversion easily. With the optimization method, the page looks fresh and appeal the buyers easily for better and faster conversion rates.


With wider reach to the buyers all around the world, the possibility of the commitment boost that gives rise to the interaction among the prospective buyers and trust with the brand. We have experts that work very hard in providing best engagement services with the help of likes, reviews, comments, and news updation with Facebook marketing that offers more lead conversion rates.


With the paid advertisement of Facebook, the brads can reach more prospective buyers around the country with the high possibility of sale conversion ratio. We have specialists that work very hard in targeting more customers at very low cost.


Engaging with prospective buyers s the easiest way to boost high conversion rate. When any brand approach NextGen Global Services Pvt Ltd, they don’t have to worry about the engagement rates. We have specialized digital marketing experts that work very hard in offering daily post with highly creative graphics and content.


In the facebook marketing service, we work in delivering the maximum number of followers on a perpetual basis. There are many advantages of followers like more reach to prospective buyers, more sales conversions, and added goodwill.


We have experts that create the campaigns, content, and graphics in such a manner that redirect the visitors to the brand website. We have a perfect strategy that can redirect visitors to the brand website through facebook ads every time they login into facebook.


Facebook Page Management

With NextGen Global Facebook Marketing services, brands can unwind when it comes to facebook page management. We have dedicated Facebook managers that will be allocated to each brand to take care of the facebook working from the creation of the page, posting, engagement, likes, etc. Whether you are a brand/ professional or just a political party and need online exposure, Facebook page management services are happy to help you.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads play an influential role in bringing a wider buyer base to the page and boosting sales online. We have experts for Facebook ads management services. It is the first step of creating ads, and managing online.

Facebook Widget Development

With this feature, give your Facebook page new looks and visualized effects that can attract more buyers around the world. It allows the brand to get more shares, Likes & interactions on social media.

Buy Facebook Followers

Are you a startup and wanted to have millions of Facebook followers organically? Then NextGen Global Services Pvt Ltd can contribute a large number of Facebook followers in less than a few weeks.

Buy Facebook Likes

In order to generate goodwill in the market, facebook-likes plays a significant role. With NextGen Global Services Pvt Ltd, brands can acquire the likes on the page and post easily. The likes are organic and create a good impression on prospective buyers.

Facebook Group Creation

Facebook engagement plays a critical role in boosting the brand interaction with prospective buyers. It can be achieved by Facebook group creation. Few of the benefits of facebook group creation are networking purposes, to build customer relationships and develop brand ambassadors.


  1. As one of the leading Facebook marketing service provider we have experts that work very closely with the brands for understanding the needs and deliver the solution to boost sales easily. Our experts launch the page and work as per the requirements of the customers.
  2. Under our Facebook marketing services package each brand will be allotted one separate digital marketing executive so that he can formulate facebook brand page and post regularly to reach a wider audience.
  3. For the brand visibility, we have experts that offer options of campaigns that the brand chooses to boost sales and buyers engagement. The Facebook fan page will be linked with Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn for more exposure


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